Rose Point implementing new AIS ASMs?

By Brian at March 24, 2010 16:09
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Over at Mad Mariner, Tim of the Navagear and Puget Sound Maritime blogs posts a review of the new Rose Point Coastal Explorer 2010 navigation software.  An excerpt from his review:

"At the same time, the features that are new remain consistent with Rose Point's goal of making useful information more easily available to boaters. Examples include support for cruising guides such as the Atlantic Cruising Club's Marina Guides, and new weather options such as support for XM WX weather, NEXRAD weather radar data, and upcoming AIS weather and conditions broadcasts."  (emphasis added)

We'll see if we can find out more information about their implementation of what we assume are the new IMO application specific messages, commonly known as AIS binary messages.  We have been encouraging manufacturers to begin implementing the new messages, although they are not finally approved until they get through the next meeting of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) at IMO.  The next MSC meeting is scheduled for June 2010.