IALA AIS Technical Working Group Meeting

By Brian at June 08, 2010 17:27
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The IALA e-Navigation Committee AIS Technical Working Group (AIS TWG) is meeting this week in Ottawa.  The TWG was presented with a variety of input documents and tasks, including:
1.    Response to an IEC liaison note asking for input on how AIS units handle “garbled” slots and the control of transmission of message 27 (the new “satellite AIS” message) by base stations.
2.    Consideration of a discussion paper covering issues driving AIS usage and development that the AIS TWG may need to address in the near future.
3.    A proposal for an “AIS AtoN local station controller” to manage a local network of AIS AtoN units and provide base station-like functionality, without the need for a full base station.
4.    A proposal for a new MMSI scheme that would use alphanumeric characters to increase the number of available MMSIs to several trillion (from the millions now available).
5.    Continuing work, including revision to Recommendation A-124 on AIS Shore networks, drafting a new draft IALA AIS guideline to update and supersede existing outdated guidance and other miscellaneous issues.

After plenary on Monday, the TWG broke into smaller groups to address the tasking:
Group 1:  New IALA AIS guideline
Group 2:  Update to IALA Recommendation A-124 to transform it to “e-Navigation conformity” in line with the developing e-Navigation Architecture
Group 3:  Response to the IEC and ITU liaison notes on AIS slot garbling, satellite detection, and control of message 27; as well as to develop an annex to Recommendation A-126 (use of AIS for AtoN) developing the concept of an AIS AtoN station controller

I’m sitting in with Group 3, and we’ve made substantial progress in responding to the liaison notes and development of requirements for an AtoN station controller, but much work remains to be done.

Here’s a composite photo (taken with my iPhone; merged in Photoshop) of our break-out group diligently working:

Believe it or not, this is in my room at the hotel - it’s the biggest suite I’ve ever seen, with two full baths in addition to a bedroom, kitchen, sitting room and huge meeting table.  Pretty nice…