Great Lakes and Ohio River Division Lockmasters Workshop

By Brian at May 24, 2011 14:11
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The Great Lakes and Ohio River Division Lockmasters Workshop is being held near Pittsburgh Tuesday through Thursday, 24-26 May. This will be an outstanding forum to hear the concerns and needs of the folks actually workng the locks on the inland waterways and Great Lakes.  There are about 45 attendees, most from the Great Lakes and Ohio River area, but also some from other waterways. So far they've covered lock operator training and have an ambitious agenda for the rest of the workshop.

I'll be giving a presentation Wednesday morning on AIS, River Information Services (RIS) and LOMA and I anticipate a lot of questons and hopefully some good discussion. One of our LOMA beta testers will also be presenting his impressions of LOMA, so I look forward to hearing his unvarnished view of how it's working for him.

Here's some information about LOMA:

I can be contacted through blog at maritimespatial dot com for more information and questions.

Dissemination of lock outage information

By Brian at March 31, 2010 12:54
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A Wisconsin (or Minnesota - it's unclear from their website) radio station posts that "the navigation season is being held up on the Mississippi River" due to maintenance at a "lock and dam at St. Louis."  I don't have details which lock and dam - there are two close by, L/D 27 and Mel Price - and I'll try to look at the St. Louis District website and other places and see what's available.

This is just the sort of information that the Lock Operations Management Application (LOMA ) is designed to gather and disseminate to mariners and other waterway users and stakeholders.  LOMA will also assist those scheduling maintenance in determining how they can minimize impact on navigation.  I'll be posting more on LOMA in the near future.