Maritime Spatial Decisions

Maritime Spatial Decisions provides consulting and analysis services for maritime operations.

With nearly 20 years' experience in vessel traffic services (VTS) operations, we can provide valuable insight in the establishment and operation of VTS.  We have extensive knowledge of US and international VTS guidelines and have participated as a representative to the IALA VTS and e-Navigation Committees and provided input to IMO Subcommittee on Navigation.

We have been involved in the establishment and modification of vessel traffic routing schemes, including traffic separation schemes (TSS) and US regulatory measures.  Our work has included stakeholder outreach, facillitation of stakeholder input, preparation of documentation through the US and international approval systems and operational implementation of traffic routing measures.

With the development of e-Navigation, we have been involved in its development through IALA and are working on projects of e-Navigation implementation.

The Automatic Identification System is a critical navigation safety system developed and implemented in the last decade, and we have been involved in it's development and implementation in VTS and for other security and navigational safety purposes.  We have been closely involved in the development of expanded use of AIS, such as creation of new application specific messages to transmit valuable safety information from shore to ship.